About us

Dolphin Tech is a fresh off the oven (fictional) I.T. business. Our main objectives are to bring inspired and inovative ideas to the market, be it about software or design. You have probably already noticed, but we like dolphins. we feel like they represent the cheerful and sociable personality of most of our members. About our members, Dolphin Tech has had a few changes in its team over time. Right now, a former founding member of the team has left, but he is now our main investor. Another change happened when we tragically lost one of our interns, all due to an unfortunate accident during tests with security drones. Apparently that laser of death wasn't as safe as we thought. Regardless of that, the other four founding members remain united for the bright future of Dolphin Tech.

This is one of our employees. If you are displeased by anything at all related to our work, products, or services, feel free to go complain with him.

It's his fault.